Ansett Airlines

Composed on the hellish flight back from Hobart IV, just before the air pressure turned me into a weeping, screaming wreck.

[July 1999]

As I was sitting locked into my seat,
No less than seven videos awoke.
Sit down — they said — and give us your complete
Emergency attention — and they spoke.
The seats you sit (a little squashed) upon,
They carry belts, so please observe the signs,
And do no dancing, join no walkathon
If, high above, that hieroglyphic shines.
Remain as calm as glass if air should fail.
Look up and grab the oxygen on tap.
If, due to chance, you feel the need to bail,
No worries! Grab your vest and pull the strap —
Expounded thus, the screens went silent there.
So, well-informed, we leapt into the air.