Fight At Festival In Rowany

To the tune of Bazza McKenzie’s Chunder In The Old Pacific Sea, about Rowany Festival.

[Easter 2002]

I was down in Ynys Fawr
By the icy southern shore
But the island was deserted as could be.
So I asked a polar bear
Where they’d gone. He said, "Up there,
"Off to fight at Festival in Rowany."

Armour up, armour up,
Get your gumbie and your stick and follow me!
If you want to make a name, mate
There isn’t any game
But to fight at Festival in Rowany!

So I got my camping gear
And I paid the gondolier
Double time to sail upon the open sea
And I made it to the site
In the middle of the night
Just to fight at Festival in Rowany

Oh, the wars were awful rough
‘Cause the fighters do it tough
I was killed once by a eucalyptus tree.
But I came along to play
So I battled every day
And I fought at Festival in Rowany

Now the fighting’s pretty cool
But I’d really be a fool
If I told you it was all there was to see
When the wars are fought and done
There’s a different kind of fun
Than to fight at Festival in Rowany

Limber up, limber up,
Learn some acrobatic talents and you’ll see
Many fellows like to fight
But there’s better fun at night
In your tent at Festival in Rowany!