Rainbow SCA

The Barony of Ynys Fawr had an official presence at the Pride March in Hobart, so despite my incurable vanillaness, I came along as an ally. I found myself wishing there was a song that could capture this aspect of the SCA: that we welcome all flavours of humanity.  This is to the tune of Sixteen Tonnes, the old American folk song.

March 2024

Some people say the past is white as snow
Straight and steady as a Roman road
But take a good look at what we do
You’ll soon discover that the opposite’s true

Two thousand years and what do you see
More to people than a binary
Dawn of time to the final day
There’s a whole lot of rainbow in the SCA

Take a look at the warriors’ cemetary
Are you sure every body is a he not a she?
See the King, never married right up to the end
Did you learn at all of his “good close friend”?

They’ll admit two sexes: “male” and “political”
Two attractions: “straight” and “political”
Two genes: “XY” and “political”
Zero clue, no clue at all