Feed The Troll!

A song about how not to deal with teh intarwobs, to the tune of Tom Lehrer’s ode to the Boy Scouts, Be Prepared.

Feed the troll! That’s the way to have some fun,
Feed the troll! Share the love with everyone
Feed the egos of the flamers on your list
Don’t be timid, don’t be silent, don’t resist!

Feed the troll! When he tells you you’re to blame
For the way no one wants to play his game —
"When the Nazis took the Jews away to turn them into glue,
"When Mohammed crashed those aeroplanes, they acted just like you,"
That’s the sort of thing he’ll say, he’s on a roll — feed the troll!

Feed the troll! Answer every little dig —
Feed the troll! Let your paragraphs grow big.
When he mutters that your mama was a ho’,
Tell him "loser" only has a single "O".

Feed the troll! And be careful not to stay
Calm and sane, you won’t make your point that way.
If you’re looking for a pastime that will eat away the hours,
And you fancy brushing up on all your literary powers,
There is nothing quite as challenging or droll – feed the troll!