Tosti, Gersh and Dru

The youngest offspring and I went to Wintersouth, an SCA event, and had a lot of fun at the bardic circle.  On the way home, we were talking about songs we’d like to write, and she challenged me to come up with one for the old Kipling song Oak, Ash And Thorn. I wanted to do it about some of the people in Ynys Fawr who I think the Barony could never do without, both the old and the (relatively) new. I quickly realised it would be impossible to name them all, so I chose three who I think exemplify the best of the barony and whose names fit the rhyme.

July 2023

Of all the folk of Ynys Fawr
Who aid us all the day through
Greater are none at getting stuff done
Than Tosti, Gersh and Dru

Sing Tosti, Gersh and Dru, good sirs
What would our Barony do
If they weren’t here to bring us good cheer
Our Tosti, Gersh and Dru

Tosti will cook his marvels and, look, here’s yet another great meal!
Gersh will inspire new souls to our fire, to share our game’s appeal!
And when you have plans in need of wise hands, call Mistress Drusticc to you
What can’t be done to bolster our fun by Tosti, Gersh and Dru?

Maddie has art and boundless heart, and shares them both always
Wolfgar’s sword can fight off a horde, to save us all our days
So many names of people whose fame is richly deserved, it is true
But lest this song get horribly long, sing Tosti, Gersh and Dru!