Dumb Ways To Lie

Dashed this off, based on the Metro campaign Dumb Ways To Die, using as my source material this list of the “achievements” of Bizarro Prime Minister #1 and his many henchfuckwits.  I posted it to FaceAche, and one Elizabeth Hillebrand liked it so much she recorded it.  From there, Cam Smith produced this video, and it seems to have gone very slightly viral.  Woot!

Claim a crisis that’s not there
Slap a fee onto Medicare
Hide the reno costs for the Lodge
Give your News Corp pals a big tax dodge

    Dumb ways to lie
    So many dumb ways to lie
    Dumb ways to li-ie-ie
    So many dumb ways to lie

Cut the funds for foreign aid
Buy a bookcase, custom made
A dozen schemes all get slashed
So the miners all get more free cash

Say that wind farms are a blight
But a port at the Reef’s all right
Cut the HECS discount for paying up-front
Call the leader of the ALP a… grub

Cut the pay for your injured Vets
Make sure we’ve got nineties Internets
Tell under-twenty-fives today:
Either get a job or let Daddy pay

Wipe out all our hopes for an education
(Friends will buy your daughter her graduation)
Stand on the edge of a head-kicking future
Maybe being known as ugly bigots will suit ya
Running out of ways to say you’re rooted…

    It make no sense but it’s quite possibly
    The dumbest ways to lie
    The dumbest ways to lie
    The dumbest ways to li-ie-ie-ie
    So many dumb
    So many dumb ways to lie