Hauoc the King

I made a comment on the Shambles, quoting a cartoon character: “The King is a fink!” I don’t recall the context, but I was amused at the response from some of the Shamblites. To save the poor dears from conniption fits, I conferred with friends in the West — sorry, the Central West — and got some details about the King at the time, whose name is spelt Hauoc and pronounced (by those who know him) as “ha-VECK”. The tune is the old folk song, Matty Groves.

[May 1998]

One day, one day in thirty-two, as the Westrealm numbers years,
A fighter took the tourney field, amid the rowdy cheers.
He had him a belt of simple white; his shield was small and wee;
He held the day against his foe and he won the victory.

The King was a mighty lord and fair, brought glory to the Crown,
But he knew the time was drawing near, he would be standing down.
He called the fighter to his side, a long tall man was he,
And he said, “I’ll take you as my heir, if you listen close to me.

“In all of the world I swear you’ll find no Kingdom like the West,
“I’ve travelled far on every wind, and find our home the best.
“But look, if you will, far to the south — I bid you, soldier, mark:
“No greater jewel has the Western Crown than the island called Lochac.”

The King in time was called to leave his title and his crown;
The soldier as his chosen heir, stepped up when he stepped down.
“Now follow me in all I say, as truly as the sun.”
“I’ll follow you,” the fighter said, “in every way but one.”

Hauoc the King, now newly crowned, addressed the realm anew.
“In wisdom has the old King ruled, and wisely shall I too.
“But one command he gave to me, I may not heed or mark:
“I’ll not believe our fairest jewel is the island land Lochac.”

Surprise, surprise in every face, of every man or child;
The King for half a breath was stern, and then he widely smiled:
“I know that Lochac is a jewel, although I’ve never seen;
“But the fairest jewel I’ll ever know is my own fair lady Queen.”