The Ladies of Rowany

This got performed at the famous Rowany AS XXVII, with the entire female population of Rowany (or so it seemed) acting it out — and running to the waiting arms of the Scarlet Women, led by Kiriel, at the last line.

[Easter 1993]

His Highness, John of Skye, had made it heard
That certain local matters need attention.
Lindoret, Baroness, thus gave her word
To bring about the requisite correction.

For Rowany, the jewel of Lochac’s crown
Was not the most unblemished of abodes
The ladies there had gathered great renown
In numerous disgraceful episodes.

But she whose very name commands respect
Achieved the goal with scads of time to spare;
Restoring all the standards you’d expect,
To leave the town as pure as mountain air.

The ladies of disputed moral grain
Are gone from there, by Baroness’ decree.
And all the noble lady let remain
Is innocence, and gentle chastity.

The Triple-F of Rowany, forsooth,
Is Feasting, yes, and Fighting, plain to see;
But now we see restored the proper truth:
The final F should stand for Finery.

And if you wish to know the lady’s trick
I now reveal her method; it was this:
All women too impure and heretic
Were banished – to Politarchopolis!