That’s Covfefe

This one is going to mean nothing to posterity. Just google “covfefe” and the intertubes will explain.

The tune is That’s Amore by Dean Martin.

June 2017

In Washington, where Trump is King,
When night gets late, here’s what we sing…

When your big comfy seat
Makes you snooze as you tweet —
That’s covfefe.

When it might be the coke,
Or a non-fatal stroke —
That’s covfefe.

Thumbs will tap,
You write crap
Via Twitter.

As you go
Tweeting so
On the shitter.

When your knee-jerking prose
Barely stops as you doze
That’s covfefe.

When you lie all the way
‘Cross the whole USA
You’re the boss

When your room’s made of gold
But you’re still dull and old
Like Bill Cosby

It’s no fun when the sun
Rises on Washington
That’s covfefe!