Your Marriage Belongs To Me

If there’s one thing you can say for the marriage equality postal survey (“the plebishite”) it’s that it’s been inspirational. This is to the tune of the old pretend Nazi anthem (written for a musical by two gay Jews, of course) Tomorrow Belongs To Me, about the white supremacist/neo-nazi groups sponsoring the anti-gay propaganda we’re now, inevitably, seeing about the place.

August 2017

The Leftist agenda must never prevail.
Now Christians arise, urgently!
This plebiscite ploy is foredoomed to fail:
Your marriage belongs to me.

We need to raise funds if we are to resist.
We cannot succeed separately.
But thank the Lord Jesus these friends exist.
Your marriage belongs to me.

They’re calling them Nazis, supremacists too.
How bigoted can the Left be?
They’re perfectly fine (if you’re not a Jew)
Your marriage belongs to me.

Oh gather now, gather now
All on the Right
Our work for this goal makes us free!
Together we’ll vanquish
This plebiscite
Your marriage belongs —
Your marriage belongs —
Your marriage belongs to me!