Index of Songs and Recordings

Do you have or know of any recordings of any of these songs? Send me the link. Alternatively, can you get hold of a microphone and some software to produce audio files? Sing me any of these and send the file; I can convert it to mp3 for download easily enough. Please be aware that I will be making the recording available on a CD if I ever get a complete-enough set of songs, and of course they’ll be here on the web site too, always with full attribution.

A Grazing Mace
to the tune of Amazing Grace
All I Want Is A Peerage
to the tune of the chorus to Lord It’s Hard To Be Humble by Mac Davis
Axe Time
original tune
The Barley Mow
on YouTube
The Battle Hymn of the Heralds
to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic: a stirring rendition by Johnny Cash
The Battle of the Dyle
original tune
Bay Leaves
to the tune of Greensleeves by one Mr H. Tudor of London
Bedlam Boys
on YouTube
Black Fox
on YouTube, neither quite the original nor the Lochacian version
The Blacksmith
on YouTube
The Burden of the Crown
the author performs an oddly slower version on YouTube
Cairistiona’s Wenching Song
original tune
The Chandler’s Shop
an excellent version on YouTube
Chastity Belt
on YouTube
Climbing The Ladder
original tune
Come Again
on YouTube
The Court of King Cornelius
to the tune of The Court of King Caractacus
Coventry Carol
on YouTube
Crown Tourney
to the tune of Moonshadow
The Cruel Sister
seems impossible to find the version I know (without the “lay the bent to the bonnie broom” refrain, which was added by Pentangle in the 1960s, cribbed from a different song entirely)
Crusader’s Blood
original tune
The Crusader’s Song
on YouTube (thanks to Michael der Gross von Burgen)
The Cutty Wren
one version on YouTube with a little folk drift
Dance In The Greenwood
original tune
Dancing Bear
to the tune of The Bear Dance
Do You Hear The Tavern Ring?
to the tune of Do You Hear The People Sing? from Les Miserables
Don’t Let a Landsknecht
original tune
A Drop of Nelson’s Blood
on YouTube
The Eve Of Hastings
to the tune of Capital I
Everybody’s Makin’ It Big
to the tune of the song of the same name
The False Knight On The Road
on YouTube
The Far Cup, And I
original tune
The Feral Privies Song
to the tune of Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be
Fight At Festival In Rowany
to the tune of Chunder In The Old Pacific Sea
Follow Me Up To Carlow
a totally wussy quarter-speed version on YouTube though at least the pronunciations are right
The Fruit Of The Yew
The composer sings on YouTube
Gow-day-taaaay by the eternally adenoidal Steeleye Span, or a much much better version
on YouTube
Good Brother Michael
original tune
Green Grow the Rushes, Oh
on YouTube
He Moved Through The Fair
to the tune of She Moved Through The Fair
Hedeby’s Quarter
very slightly to the tune of Turn Of A Friendly Card
High Among The Heather
to the tune of The Blacksmith
I Am A SCAdian
to the tune of I Am Australian
I Sing of Dead Bunnies
to the tune of Sweet Betsy From Pike
If I Was A Viking
the original is here
The Innkeeper’s Song
original tune
Jerusawocky, also called Jabbarusalem
to the tune of Blake’s Jerusalem, of which this is my favourite version
John Barleycorn
finally found a version that isn’t (a) by Steeleye Span, and (b) awful!  Good old Damh the Bard!
The Jomsviking Song
to the tune of Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo by the Wiggles
King Henry
on YouTube
Known World
to the tune of Mad World
The Last Lochacian Herald
to the tune of The Last Saskatchewan Pirate
to the tune of Green Grow the Rushes, Oh
Lion Heart
to the tune of Camouflage
Lord McGee
original tune
The Lords Who Sing Off-Key
to the tune of Lord Of The Dance
Loud Cliche
to the tune of Gaudete
A Lusty Young Smith
on YouTube
The Lyke Wake Dirge
Pentangle’s version on YouTube
Maids When They’re Dull
to the tune of Maids When You’re Young
Maids, When You’re Young
on YouTube, slightly folk-drifted
Marco Polo
original tune
Martin Said To His Man
a version with an unexpected chorus on YouTube
The Marvellous Axe
to the tune of The Marvellous Toy
Mary Mac
on YouTube
Mattie Groves
on YouTube
Me Husband’s Got No Courage In Him
my wife wants to learn this one, the fink
The Minstrel Boy
on YouTube (plus optional beige spandex version)
The Miracle
original tune
My Lady, My Land
original tune
My Lady’s Eyes
original tune
My Son I’ve Been A Rover
original tune
The Nasty Song
to the tune of Commonwealth Fair by Flanders and Swann, which is itself a filk of Widecombe Faire, minus the growing list of names
Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me
to the tune of Mercedes Benz by Janice Joplin
Oh! The Baron
original tune
On Ilkley Moor
on YouTube
Once I Had A Sweetheart, also called Green Grows The Laurel
on YouTube
One Medieval Morning
One Misty Moisty Morning
on YouTube
One Of Us
a slow version and a fast version
Pastime With Good Company
on YouTube
A Pict Song
I can’t find Leslie Fish’s tune, but this is Billy Bragg’s.
Pissed As A Parrot
to the tune of Waltzing Matilda
The Rattlin’ Bog
on YouTube
The Raven Banner
an awful version, but all I could find
Red-Haired Girl
to the tune of Fat-Bottomed Girls
Rose Red
on YouTube
A Sailor’s Love Song
original tune
She Moved Through The Fair
a version with the full, correct lyrics!
Sir Agro Went A-Roving
original tune
Song Of The Men’s Side
can’t find a recording of this, but it’s on a couple of Leslie Fish albums
The Song Of The Shield Wall
a barely adequate version
The Songs Of The West
original tune (kind of based on Red Football by Sinead O’Connor, but not enough for that to be useful)
The Spotted Cow
on YouTube
original tune
to the tune of Asshole
Three Jolly Coachmen, also called Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl
on YouTube, kind of
The Three Ravens And The Maiden’s Prayer
to the tune of The Three Ravens
to the tune of Throw Your Arms Around Me
Till The Very Last Man
original tune
Twa Corbies
on YouTube
original tune, though based on Mo Ghile Mear in parts
A Viking Love Song
to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky, sort of
Viking Men
to the tune of Jingle Bells
The Vulgar Birthday Song
to the tune of The Volga Boatmen
The Wench’s Lament
original tune
When I’m King No More
to the tune of When I’m Sixty Four
Where Have All The Vikings Gone?
to the tune of Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
A Wife’s Lament
original tune
You Make Me Feel Like Fighting
to the tune of You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
You’re Mundane
to the tune of You’re So Vain