This is the Minimal Officer’s Manual for officers in baronies, shires, cantons and colleges in the SCA in Lochac.  The requirements for Constable begin with the requirements for all officers, and continue here.

Basic Information

Name of office: Constable
Equivalent in the mundane world: health and safety officer
Required? No.
Quarterly reporting schedule: standard officer schedule
Kingdom Superior: Kingdom Constable,
Officer website:
Facebook group: ___
Usual group email alias:

When required (in Australia)

Collect Nomination Of Caregiver forms for minors who attend events in the care of adults other than their parents or legal guardians.  It is often the case that a child will want to attend events but their parents can’t make it, so they travel with friends.  An adult needs to be officially authorised to take responsibility for such children, including not leaving site without them. The Nomination of Caregiver form records this permission, and lasts for one year. You need to keep these up to date and make them available to the Reeve when asked.

Note: in the case of any paperwork related to minors, scans are not enough! You must keep the paper originals somewhere safe, just in case!  This is in contrast to all other paperwork, for which scans are sufficient.

When required (at events and activities in Australia)

Make sure someone brings the paperwork and that it gets filled out. The paperwork is basically an attendance record, and is needed for a bunch of solid financial reasons. You don’t have to attend every event and activity yourself, but it’s your job to ensure that someone at each event has the paperwork.

Make sure copies of the paperwork go to the Reeve.  The Reeve stores copies of the attendance records and other stuff.  They will need to scan every record.  Either scan it yourself and email it to them, or scan it and put it in your group’s Dropbox if you have one, or get the physical paper to them.  This needs to be done by the 15th of the month following each activity at the very latest.

Here’s a list of the paperwork you need for activities and events (PDF).  Here’s the website for downloading the Australian paperwork.

I don’t know what the similar requirements are for New Zealand or China.