Arts & Sciences Officer

This is the Minimal Officer’s Manual for officers in baronies, shires, cantons and colleges in the SCA in Lochac.  The requirements for Arts & Sciences Officer begin with the requirements for all officers, and continue here.

Basic Information

Name of office: Arts and Sciences Officer, A&S, Minister of Arts and Sciences
Equivalent in the mundane world: art teacher
Required? In Baronies: yes.  In other groups: sort of. Every group smaller than a barony must have at least one of: Marshal, A&S Officer, Herald.Quarterly reporting schedule: standard officer schedule, sent to the A&S mailing list (no template currently)
Kingdom Superior: Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences,
Officer website:
Facebook group: Lochac A&S Discussion and Showcase
Usual group email alias: (better!) or

When you take on the office

Sign up for the mailing list.  TBC

When required

Direct people to other people for help with A&S-related topics.  You’re not required to do these things yourself to be a minimal officer, but you are expected to keep a mental list (or write it down in your officer’s notebook) of other people who can do them, and share their names when someone asks.