Roll of Arms Plugin

You need to create and upload your initialisation files before this plug-in will work. Once they’re uploaded, you can identify them in this settings page and then insert the text [roll-of-arms] anywhere in your website to generate a complete Roll of Arms.

Important Note

The initialisation files used to be standard Windows .INI format files. For some reason I changed that.  Instead they follow this format, which at least is a little more readable.

Format Example: roll.txt

The colon at the end of the heading line is required, and at least one space or tab at the beginning of the data lines is also required.  The mundane name, branch, blazon and device are optional, as are the asterisked award lines, though there’s probably not much point putting someone in if they don’t at least have some data!

Frederick von Flintschtone:
    mundane: Fred Nurk
    branch: Bedrock
    blazon: Bendy pean and Or hurty
    device: Frederick_von_Flintschtone.gif
    * AA: 1996-09-14
    * OST: 1998-06-20
    * RC: 2004-01-3
    * dob: 1997-08-02

In this example, Lord Frederick von Flintschtone is revealed to have a Silver Tear (OST) and a Royal Cypher (RC), as well as the local baronial award the Diamond of Bedrock. You would need to edit your awards.ini to include that and all other baronial awards. Because his device is registered, it is listed on the Lochac Roll of Arms website, and the filename Frederick_von_Flintschtone.gif is what it’s stored under. Go there to find your citizens’ arms if they exist.

Format Example: awards.txt

Initialisms are case-sensitive; stick to lower-case for baronial awards to avoid clashes with upper-case kingdom awards.  The precedence field isn’t used in this version.

  name: Diamond of Bedrock
  precedence: 10

That’s it! Sorry it’s not more streamlined, but I had to get version 1.0 out the door quickly. Improvements will come if enough people clamour for them.