Kingdom Wide Plugin

[kw-clock city=”ANEALA” size=”medium” timezone=”Australia/Perth”][kw-clock city=”ROWANY” size=”large” timezone=”Australia/Sydney”][kw-clock city=”ILDHAFN” size=”small” timezone=”Pacific/Auckland”]
[kw-aq branch=”Dragons Bay”][kw-aq branch=”Rowany”][kw-aq branch=”Ildhafn”]

Kingdom Wide displays useful stuff to help your Kingdom learn its place. There’s an analogue clock in a range of sizes and timezones, and an air quality meter.


  1. Activate the plugin in your dashboard.
  2. In a page or sidebar widget where you’d like one or more clocks or AQ meters, put the appropriate shortcode.
  3. If it works, it will display immediately. Otherwise, you’ll need to check your options.


  1. Decide what timezone you want to use.  Go to the list of timezones here to choose one.  For example, New Zealand is “Pacific/Auckland”.  Sydney is “Australia/Sydney”.  Timbuktu is Africa/Timbuktu.
  2. Choose a size, one of “small”, “medium” or “large”.
  3. Choose a label.
  4. Choose your preferred clock for the digital display: “12” for “1:23pm” or “24” for “13:23”.
  5. Put the following code into your page or sidebar widget:
    [kw-clock city="LABEL" size="SIZE" clock="CLOCK" timezone="TIMEZONE"]


  1. Choose a Lochac branch from the list: Adora, Aneala, Blessed Herman, Bordescros, Cluain, Darton, Dragons Bay, Ildhafn, Innilgard, Krae Glas, Lightwood, Mordenvale, River Haven, Rowany, Southron Gaard, St Basil, St Cecilia, St Crispin, St Florian , St Malachy, St Monica, St Ursula, Stormhold, Ynys Fawr.  (Others are coming as we find the code keys for them.)
  2. Put the following code into your page or sidebar widget:
    [kw-aq branch="BRANCH"]


Get version 1.1.0 here. Share and enjoy!