WordPress Plugins

I’m developing my own WordPress plugins.  This is the page for the instructions and information about them.

CartWield is a simple shopping cart that does everything except handle payments.  You select your items, keep them in a shopping cart and fiddle around with postage options and so on.  When it comes time to pay, CartWield emails your order to the seller and you work out payment options entirely by email or in person.  It’s eCommerce without the Commerce.

CapitaList is set of tools that work with either CartWield or Cart66 to maintain a full shop with lots of item.  Instead of editing every item individually through a stupid and clumsy user interface (Cart66, I’m looking at you… and my eyes are bleeding…) you arrange your products in folders, using Explorer or Nautilus or some other file manager, and then upload them to a special script that generates an entire shopping cart in the appropriate compatible format.  CapitaList generates all the pages, with lots of navigation options.

Roll Of Arms is a very simple plug-in with not much in the way of hand-holding. You provide a couple of settings files in exactly the right format, and it produces a sorted list of the people in your barony and their baronial and kingdom awards.

Chronic is for chroniclers: upload your latest branch newsletter and it generates a list of the back issues.

Follow the links for downloads and usage instructions.