SCA Time

The SCA is spread about the world, and while the Plague is upon the lands it can be useful to know the time.  Why?  Because the Plague has inspired us to stay home and engage with our fellow SCAdians online, whereupon time zones become a serious issue.

Here, then, is the appropriate information in a live and useful form.  Please send corrections to the usual address.


[kw-clock city=”Aneala” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Australia/Perth”][kw-clock city=”Innilgard” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Australia/Adelaide”][kw-clock city=”Northern Duchy” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Australia/Brisbane”][kw-clock city=”Central Lochac” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Australia/Sydney”][kw-clock city=”Crescent Isles” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Pacific/Auckland”]

Counting just the Baronies, the Northern Duchy is River Haven and Saint-Florian-de-la-rivière.  Central Lochac is Mordenvale, Rowany, Politarchopolis, Kraé Glas, Stormhold and Ynys Fawr.  The Crescent Isles is Ildhafn and Southron Gaard.


[kw-clock city=”Ins. Draconis” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Europe/London”][kw-clock city=”Central Region” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Europe/Paris”][kw-clock city=”Nordmark” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Europe/Stockholm”][kw-clock city=”Aarnimetsä” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Europe/Helsinki”][kw-clock city=”Southern” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Europe/Sofia”]

New World Kingdoms

[kw-clock city=”Hawaii” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”Pacific/Honolulu”][kw-clock city=”Alaska” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/Anchorage”][kw-clock city=”Pacific” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/Los_Angeles”][kw-clock city=”Mountain (no DST)” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/Phoenix”][kw-clock city=”Mountain (DST)” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/Denver”][kw-clock city=”Central” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/Chicago”][kw-clock city=”Eastern” size=”small” clock=”12″ timezone=”America/New_York”]

If we gloss over the occasional odd exceptions: Hawaii is the Barony of Western Seas, in Caid. Alaska is the Principality of Oertha, in the West. Pacific is An Tir, Avacal, Caid and the West. Mountain (no DST) is Atenveldt, in Arizona which does not observe Daylight Saving Time. Mountain (DST) is Artemisia and the Outlands, which do observe Daylight Saving Time.  Central is Ansteorra, Calontir, Gleann Abhann and Northshield.  Eastern is Æthelmearc, Atlantia, Ealdormere, the East, Meridies, the Middle and Trimaris.

Useful: the geography of the Kingdoms in Canada and the continental USA (untick all but “SCA Kingdoms” for the clearest view).

(Thanks to Basil Dragonstrike, Shauna of Carrick Point, Skaia, Jennifer, Thomas Flamanc of Kelsale and Caitriona for advice and corrections. The brilliance is theirs, but I retain sole ownership of any errors.)