Quiz: What Item Of Office Equipment Are You?

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Question 1. Sloth

You have a day off from work or school. You have no other obligations or deadlines, and all your friends and family are out of town. How do you spend your time?

Question 2. Greed

You win a million dollars. How do you spend, invest or waste it?

Question 3. Lust

You come home to discover your Significant Other in bed with your grandmother. How do you react?

Question 4. Pride

You’re being recognised for your greatest achievement with a ticker-tape parade and the keys to the city. What is your greatest achievement?

Question 5. Wrath

You see a man beating a harp seal with a spiked club, blood splattering all over the linoleum. How do you feel?

Question 6. Gluttony

Willy Wonka announces a new kind of chocolate with zero calories but all the flavour of the finest Yemeni chocolate. What do you do?

Question 7. Envy

Your number one rival from primary school has just been voted president of all space and time. You know a secret that will bring this reign to an ignominious end and possibly see the disgraced former wunderkind contemplating life in maximum security prison. Who will you tell?