The Miracles of St Kentigern

Here for those ladies, gentlemen and wizards who have asked about it, is my entirely illicit copy of the CD Scottish Medieval Plainchant – The Miracles of St Kentigern by Capella Nova, Alan Tavener directing.  You can grab the individual MP3s as well as a PDF of the liner notes here.  I strongly recommend, however, that you treat this as a try-before-you-buy and go drop £10.50 or its local equivalent on the real thing at the Capella Nova website.  Don’t tell them I sent you!

01 – Responsorium In Septenrionali (from First Vespers for the Feast of St Kentigern)
02 – Invitatorium Celestis Regem Patrie & Venite (from Matins for the Feast of St Kentigern)
03 – Collect for St. Kentigern
04 – Lectio I Preclarus Dei Confessor Kentegernus
05 – Responsorium I Christi Miles Kentegernus
06 – Lectio II Nam A Primeva
07 – Responsorium II Mirantes Pavent Emuli
08 – Lectio III Erat Igitur
09 – Responsorium III Qui Elixas Condiebat
10 – Lectio IV Supradicti Vero Refectorii
11 – Responsorium IV Olim Fete Archam Dei
12 – Lectio V Illi Autem Excitati
13 – Responsorium V Cultro Lupi Exaratus
14 – Lectio VI Nec Mirum, Dilectissimi Fratres
15 – Responsorium VI Crudi Moris Rex Infaustus
16 – Lectio VII Cocum Autem Sancti Servani
17 – Responsorium VII Aporia Ingruente
18 – Lectio VIII Sanctus Igitur Servanus
19 – Responsorium VIII Cudenti In Ferugine
20 – Lectio IX Redivivus Autem Cocus
21 – Responsorium IX Jubente Petrus Domino & Prosa Gens Cambrina
22 – Antiphona Alme Presul Kentigerne & Magnificat (from First Vespers for the Feast of St Kentigern)
23 – Antiphona O Paradoxe Pontifex (from Second Vespers for the Feast of St Kentigern)

… And my favourite bit, extracted from track 21:
Gens Cambrina

Liner Notes