The Rose In Winter

The inspiration for this is my burning need to understand how a bunch of stick-thumping geek-jocks in shiny tin suits could keep producing legends, year after year.  The answer was: it’s not about the tin-suited fighters; it’s about the consorts who inspire them.  The mythology about the Queen providing the Inspiration isn’t mythology – it’s one of the most important truths about our Society.

November 2017

We played at swords in makeshift armour
A band of friends, a costumed game, no special plan.
One took a wreath and crowned his Lady
And with that Queen a mighty dream at last began.

Here she stands: the rose in winter.
She is our story; she is our song.
She shall not die, this rose in winter.
In light, she rises with the Spring, forever strong.

The strong right hand, the helm and gauntlet,
Are what we cheer when battle’s near and trumpets sing.
But who can rule without a reason?
Without his Queen to hold the Dream, what good’s a King?

From realm to realm, across the nations
We practice all the ancient skills and noble arts.
Through every Queen, our inspiration,
The story found its fertile ground in chosen hearts.